South Ormsby

The village of South Ormsby, England, nestles in a little green hollow in the Lincolnshire Wolds. It is a small village, but the size of the church suggests that it was once a little bigger. In addtion to the hall, there is a church, a few cottages and a public house, the Massingberd Arms.

Ormsby Hall

(Above) Ormsby Hall, which dates from the 17 th c., was largely rebuilt in the 1750’s. (Below) St Leonard’s church.

St Leonards Church

(Below) The church path leading up to the church (concealed among the trees).

Walk to the church

Mud and stud

(Above) The cottages include this rather lovely example of Lincolnshire’s vernacular architecture known as ‘mud and stud’. I didn’t notice while I was taking this picture that my friend and Thatcher, Andrew Bramley, was busy re-thatching the roof. You can just make out his ladder by the chimney!  (Below) an old Victorian school house.

Former village school

(Below) The lovely rolling landscape of South Ormbsy area photographed on a hot July day.

Poppy field 2

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