Mr Robert Wright

Charles Town January 21st 1725 from Elizabeth Hyrne to her brother Burrell Massingberd

Here is laitly arrived in this provence one Mr Robert Wright a gentleman of large family both of sons and daughters they apear to be very genteel people and to have a good substance it is said they have now 4 or 500 pounds in England at a place cald Sagefeild near Newcastle that he has been a member of the English Parliament, he has brought over a coach averall servants in livery, what was his reason for leaving England I cannot tell some say his father was a judge in King James’s reign and that he being a non[jurer?] was weary of heavy taxes but I believe they indever to keep it privett be it so or not however he is like to make a good settler he has bought a large plantation with some buildings upon it upon Ashley river and has paid a great deal of money for it if you know of anything of him

1 thought on “Mr Robert Wright”

  1. Hi,

    I’m writing my PhD dissertation on the life and times of Sir James Wright, so of the Robert Wright mentioned in the above letter.

    Could you give the details of this letter? Sender? Recipient? Date?

    Also, how would you life for me cite your letter?

    Best, Greg

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