Carolina Coffee House

The Carolina Coffee House was to be found in Birching Lane (now known as Birchin Lane) in the centre of the City of London, then as now, the business centre of the city. The Carolina Coffee House specialised in trade and communications with the Carolinas. A list of London traders used by merchants in Charles Town (Charleston) is mentioned by Elizabeth Hyrne in a letter (see List of Goods ). All are within a short walking distance of Birching Lane, and we can imagine the deals being struck over coffee or hot chocolate in the Carolina Coffee House, which also acted, like the other coffee houses, as a poste restante – a place were post could be delivered to await collection. Many of the Hyrne letters sent to friends and family in London were directed to the Carolina Coffee House to await collection.



birchin lane view a

2 thoughts on “Carolina Coffee House”

  1. Hunt Janin said:

    I’d like to write a book on “South Carolina and the Run-up to the American War of Indepdence,” with special attention to Carolinians living in London c. 1775. Do you have information on these people?

    Hunt Janin, Vignoble, 47270 St. Urcisse France

  2. William Keith Everett said:

    I was reviewing “the papers of Henry Laurens volume one, 1746-1755” looking for references to Francis Marion, my research target. I saw a reference to the Carolina Coffee house and googled it and found this. The reference on page 71 said, “Thomas Richards was the proprietor of the Carolina Coffeehouse in Birchin Lane.” It appears they had quite a problem with French and Spanish privateers back then, so starting a plantation in the Carolinas was not an easy business.

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