Further Reading

  • Medway, by Virginia Christian Beach, photographs by Thomas Blagden, Jr. Wyrick and Company, Charleston
  • Hyrne Family Letters 1699-1757, Ed. Pauline Loven, South Carolina Historical Magazine 2001
  • Hyrne Family Letters , Ed. Albert J. Schmidt, South Carolina Historical Magazine 1962
  • Hyrne Family Mable L Webber, South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Family Magazine 1921
  • Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Volume II The Commons House Assembly, 1692-1775. Walter B. Edgar and N Louise Bailey. University of South Carolina Press.
  • Charleston! Charleston!, The History of a Southern City, by Walter J Fraser, Jr. South Carolina Press
  • Plantations of the South Carolina Low Country by Samuel Gaillard Stoney – an old publication but interesting pictures.

If anyone has any books they could recommend please post details below – thank you!

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