Pauline on location filming

Pauline (right) on location with actress Tiffany Haynes – photo Patrick Kay.

Pauline Loven  is a period costumier and a published historian and illustrator. She has a First Class Honours degree in heritage studies and researches and produces short museum films.  She has 30 years of experience in  period costume-making and 10 years of experience in design and making of costumes for film.

Pauline’s researches require frequent visits to the Lincoln Archive Office. It was on one of these visits that she found the Hyrne family letters and became absorbed by the compelling story that unfolded. She transcribed all of the letters by hand and wrote an article on them for the South Carolina Historical magazine.  She is still trying to find the time to digitise the letters.

Pauline is the period costumier for her son’s film-making business, Crow’s Eye Productions  and is also a founder member of, and costumier for, WAG Screen community film-making group. Pauline also researches and produces Crow’s Eye Production’s and WAG Screen’s historical films.

Catherine Howard 2 PK

Attention to detail and historical accuracy are the hallmarks of Pauline’s costumes. You can see her costume work here: Period Costume Blog and follow her on Twitter @periodwardrobe

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