Letters From America

In 1998 I came across a bundle of letters in the Lincolnshire Archive Office which were written largely from South Carolina to South Ormsby in Lincolnshire between 1699 and 1757. They made compelling reading. The story that unfolded in these letters is one of elopement, fraud, betrayal, love, loss and courage and they reveal the attempt and ultimate success of a Lincolnshire family in establishing plantations in South Carolina in the first half of the 18th century.

Hyrne Letter
I wrote an article based on these letters which was published in the South Carolina Historical Magazine in January 2001. I also created a web site which then revamped as a blog, so Hyrne descendants (who often get in touch) can contribute to it too. I still need to find the time to digitise the letters and update the web page…


With thanks to Gail and Jerry O’Bryant for their help and for the many photographs of South Carolina (including those of Medway on this page) that they have provided.

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